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Home of the Innocence Challenged
Dr Who fun! 
10th-May-2006 11:21 pm
(Tennis) Rafa smile
For all the Dr Who fans, I am posting moments from the new series and polls to decided which ones everyone likes best. Vote for your favourite moment from each episode and then the overall favourite in a few days. Today I'm posting polls for the first two episodes, tomorrow I'll post ones for the next two.

For those who aren't Doctor Who fans...download the clips, watch and if you like them, I can upload any of the episodes so far. ^__^ It's a very cool series. Plus...Tennant fangirls, you'll love this.

Episode 1 - New Earth

New Earth - Rose and the Doctor arrive on New Earth.
Disinfection - An unusual way to make sure visitors bring in no outside germs...
"Oh my God, I'm a chav!" - Cassandra takes over Rose's body.
"Foxy" - Tennant is a God. Cassandra takes over the Doctor's body.

Poll #726380 New Earth Poll

Which moment/clip was your favourite?

New Earth
"Oh my God, I'm a chav!"
Other (specify in post)
10th-May-2006 10:46 pm (UTC)
I was completely torn between the chav moment and the possesion one. It's so hard..

btw, you might want to underline those links or change their colour or something, they're kinda hard to see
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